The Color Teal

Hello World!

Hello World

This is an example blog post. Internally, blag differentiates between pages and articles. Intuitively, pages are simple pages and articles are blog posts. The decision whether a document is a page or an article is made depending on the presence of the date metadata element: Any document that contains the date metadata element is an article, everything else a page.

This differentiation has consequences:

For more detailed information, please refer to the documentation

Syntax Highlighting

def foo(bar):
    """This is a docstring.

    # comment
    return bar

Syntax highlighting is done via Pygments. For code blocks, blag generates the necessary CSS classes by default, which you can use to style your code using CSS. It provides you with a default light- and dark theme, for more information on how to generate a different theme, please refer to Pygments’ documentation.

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